Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Herod and the 200-mile commute...

The recent announcements about the alleged discovery of Herod's tomb triggered an "oh yeah" moment for me.
Prof Netzer said he "assumed with certainty" that the discovery was the site of Herod's burial although he will have to wait for peer review before the issue is settled.

Stephen Pfann, an expert in the Herodian period at the University of the Holy Land, called the find a "major discovery" but said that further research was needed. He said all signs indicated that the tomb belonged to Herod, but a relic carved with his name was needed.

"We're moving in the right direction," he said. "It will be clinched once we have an inscription that bears his name." [More]

Archaeological work like this fascinates me, as it weaves new threads through my pictures of life in Biblical times.

It also prompted me to report on my experience with the Great Courses during my 210-mile weekly commute to South Bend to tape US Farm Report.

My evaluation so far: Outstanding. These lectures have been a solid and reliable high point in my week, and an effective counterbalance to all the other stresses in my life.

Imagine your very favorite college professor teaching a course you are actually interested in. Now give that professor performance-enhancing drugs. Taa-daa - this is the product I have enjoyed.

I have done so far:
All have exceeded my expectations and I have become pedantic bore on more topics than ever! The lectures are compelling and the delivery more polished that I have ever heard.

C'mon - ask me about Emperor Justinian or textus receptus.

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