Thursday, May 17, 2007

The problem with courage...

Is that, like history, it often isn't obvious at the time. The courageous immigration deal announced today had a honeymoon of maybe 30-35 minutes before being roundly criticized by both sides.
The Senate will wade into an emotional and wide-ranging debate on the issue next week that promises to test the unlikely coalition that produced the deal. Almost instantly, the plan brought vehement criticism from both sides of the immigration issue, including liberals who called it unfair and unworkable and conservatives who branded it an overly permissive "amnesty." [More] [More]

The immense effort required by both Congress and the administration nonetheless should be applauded. This is one of the few examples of national leadership we have seen from Washington in years.

I think much of the outcry will originate from politicians who are afraid of losing their one reliable election year issue. If there is an immigration plan in effect, somebody might ask why we can't have a fiscal policy too.

As someone who does more than my share of pointing out flaws in our leadership, my hat's off to those who worked to get us even this far on this issue.

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