Sunday, May 06, 2007

How real is this thing?...

I've been reading about "Mexican Coke" for a few days now, and I'm going to start looking out for it. My guess is the logical sources would be retailers who serve the Latino community.

Since smells, and hence tastes, are closely linked to memory, I'm wondering if (a) I can detect any difference from good ol 'Merican (HFCS) Coke and if so, (b) does it bring back any memories.
Coca-Cola downplays the appeal of the cane sugar version, insisting that "there's not a perceivable taste difference between Mexican Coke and Coke bottled in the U.S.," Martin said.

But fans of the import claim there's a world of a difference.

"It's got a much different, cleaner taste," Craven said. "You don't have that syrupy coat in your mouth after you drink it." [More]

The dispute about the taste of cane sugar pop vs. HFCS has been overtaken by charges of health and obesity problems, but it is also the easiest to decide for yourself.

Don't need no scientists for that.

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