Sunday, May 06, 2007

Other than the the horses, I'm OK with it...

There are bloggers out there who are truly talented writers and photographers, and whose work is defining a new journalism. Thanks to a pointer from loyal readers Bob and Ann, I checked out
Like many blogs, this is a personal journal, more than a little gooey, and for the love of Mike - it's got POETRY!!!

Still the photos are excellent and of course, it's about cowboys, so by definition, it's like, totally awesome. It's hard to imagine a woman writing such rapturous prose about an engineer.

Cowboys - I hate 'em.


Anonymous said...

The cattle pictures shown on your snipet of my wife's blog were actually taken on our farm. While most of our operation does revolve around ranching, we also farm 5,200 acres for wheat pasture.

I like your blog and I am a regular user of AGWEB. Keep up the good work.


John Phipps said...

MM - See this is just the kinda thing I wrote about in the article I linked.

If I actually tried to use a moniker like "Marlboro Man" [MM], people would drive miles to my farm to hoot derisively.

All seriousness aside, thanks for reading. Like all men, you have married above yourself.