Thursday, July 12, 2007

I think the humidity increased...

Important shopping hints for your next aqueous arsenal addition:

Stream Machine Double-Barrel Water Launcher, $17.95
Also a syringe-style water cannon, this Stream Machine's twin-barrel design (they also come in single-barrel models) doubles the volume of your assault. We drenched our live target and sent him reeling. It still has the problem of using up too much of its 20-ounce ammo supply too quickly, however, so it's good for only five shots per barrel.

As with the Aquablaster, drawing water into the Stream Machine's tubes without spilling is harder than it would seem. And it's common for one barrel to fill with more than the other, so you end up shooting uneven streams. But the two gunlike grips make handling the Stream Machine simple and enable you to put some muscle into the compression, giving it gravity-defying range. We launched a 40-foot stream, farther than with any other model.

Strength: 10
Ease of use: 6
Fun: 4
Total: 20

Squirt guns don't saturate people, people saturate people.

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