Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Up until now...

I thought I knew how to grow corn.

I spent this morning in a corn field with FJ agronomist Ken Ferrie taping segments for our upcoming "Corn Navigator" series. To my astonishment he kept casually mentioning things I had never heard about growing corn- - especially corn-after-corn (after-corn-after-corn, etc.)

Either I need to read more than my own articles in Farm Journal, or this business has changed while I've been stuck in my professional rut. Anyhoo, I'm changing how I will be doing some things on my farm.

I'd calculate a probability of 78% you will find something you don't know in this new series.

Even if you went to Purdue.


Anonymous said...


Please post a schedule of the new Corn Nav series, maybe even a new, more in-depth video when done.


John Phipps said...

Jeez - you guys are starting to sound like my bosses at FJ.

I'm working on it, already...