Monday, July 30, 2007

Something good from Katrina...

Lowes is selling "Katrina cottages" for what looks like pretty reasonable prices. Sure, by the time you add in the "not included" stuff it will be more expensive, but they are not bad looking little houses.

Good place for the in-laws when they visit, f'rinstance. And a darn sight more economical than the infamous Katrina trailers.

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Anonymous said...

So why didn't they design it like a teardrop or a windsock and anchor it on a swivel and put it on floats so it could turn into the wind and rise with tide if in a flood prone area? Instead of getting blown to smitherines with the next F-3 or greater. They could use an upside down gunnite fiberglass swimingpool or shape it like a sea turtle. If people have to rebuild every year they will probably move to another area.