Friday, August 24, 2007

I think I've been phished...

If this e-mail I got this morning is legit - which I am convinced it is not - the IRS is out of its bureaucratic mind.
After the last annual calculations of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of $268.32. Please submit the tax refund request and allow us 6-9 days in order to process it.

A refund can be delayed for a variety of reasons. For example submitting invalid records or applying after the deadline.

To access the form for your tax refund, please click here

Internal Revenue Service
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Further note: the sender address is

This is a pretty good try by current scam standards.

As phishing schemes become more sophisticated I take great comfort in knowing the ultimate defense of my wealth lays in two barriers:
  1. It's almost all land.
  2. The meager amount of cash is guarded by people who know how I write my name, spend my money, and sound like on the phone. Heck, I took square-dancing lessons with the bank president. (Very funny - HER name is Connie).
In this case, I'll just wait for the letter the IRS must send. Besides I make sure the IRS never owes me money.

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