Thursday, August 02, 2007

More good news for grumpy old men...

It seems like suddenly I know many people coping with prostate cancer. (By the way, have you ever noticed how softly people talk about prostate cancer?) One big reason is advanced detection techniques, but that in itself can be a mixed blessing. As many as two thirds of those diagnosed with prostate cancer struggle through the problems of incontinence and impotence unnecessarily - causing more than a few of us to think long and hard about how and whether to have treatment at all.

Maybe important help is on the way.
Scientists have found a new way to identify a particularly deadly form of prostate cancer in a breakthrough that could save tens of thousands of men from undergoing unnecessary surgery each year.

In contrast to many cancers, only certain prostate tumors require treatment. Many are slow-growing and pose little threat to health. But separating the "tigers" from the "pussycats" -- as oncologists dub them -- is tricky.

Now that is set to change with new research showing how a genetic variation within tumour cells can signal if a patient has a potentially fatal form of the disease. [More]

I hope so. Too many of my friends have endured bravely through this experience, and likely a few them need not have.


Hiighway BOB said...

Thanks for the info.I been dealing with prostate three and a half years.It is good news that this new info will save a lot of men the pain and suffering of going through an operation that would'nt be needed.I have had the operation along with radiation and hormone therapy.Doing well but quality of life could be better.Not complaining just the way it is.With support from,Special people in the Medical field ,family and frends its much easier to want to do what ever it takes to beat this.Prayer is the most comforting thing that can help you through many decisions and discomfort.Stay postive,keep close to family and friends ask Gods help and cancer can be beat.BOB

John Phipps said...


Good luck with your medical adventure. My brother (a physician) always told me prostates were Nature's way of making sure men don't live forever, since almost off of us die with some form of prostate cancer.

He's a real bundle of laughs...

I think this particular form of cancer is finally getting the attention it should, and new genetic tools like this could at least spare some of us some hard choices.

Thanks for reading.