Friday, August 10, 2007

The ticket should go to the reporter...

In a totally inappropriate display of unnecessary puns, reporter Kevin Pang shames himself while covering a perfectly straightforward law and order (hold the onions) issue:

About 15 minutes later, as curious passersby snapped pictures with their camera phones, the driver and passenger of the vehicle returned before tow trucks could arrive. "The situation was resolved without the use of ketchup, which in Chicago is a big thing," Smith said. The entourage got a grilling from the officer. "You can't just park here," the officer said. One of the passengers, who declined to be identified, said they were visiting a Wienermobile alumnus who worked nearby, but were unaware that one could not park a giant sausage in the middle of the city's busiest thoroughfare. Sydney Lindner, a spokeswoman for Kraft Foods, said the Wienermobile is on a nationwide tour promoting a contest to sing the Oscar Mayer jingle in an upcoming commercial. She said "regardless of the reason" the driver had for parking there, the company neither condones nor relishes such actions. [More - parental discretion advised]
And they wonder why newspapers are in trouble.

Don't believe me?

Isn't Darth Murdoch is going to offer the WSJ online for free? (My prediction, too)

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