Friday, September 28, 2007

Add us to the list of sausage and legislation...

Well, we're all blogging like crazy now - even the highest levels of journalism.
This week, motorcycle enthusiast Andrew Rosenthal, the editorial page editor of the New York Times, said that his department is starting a new blog, "The Board." It'll join the paper's 14 other Opinion section blogs, including the Opinionator, which discusses the op-ed pages of other newspapers and will benefit from being freed from the Times now-dead paywall, TimesSelect. The Times looks to be the newspaper blog leader—they have 40 active blogs, not counting seasonal blogs like David Carr's movie awards season craziness, beating the Guardian with 18, the New York Daily News with 22, the Wall Street Journal with 16 active blogs, the Los Angeles Times with 27, the San Francisco Chronicle with 26, the Miami Herald with 31, and the Chicago Tribune with 33, for a random sampling. But. Do you read any of these blogs? [More]

The commenter may be on-target, but perhaps harsh (gosh - why does that sound familiar?) That old media doesn't instinctively know how to handle new media should be no surprise.

And some things may have to be discovered by trial and error.

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