Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cancel the cemetery plot, Edna...

Remember your gym class pyramid? Well, it's not too late to join in. (Of course, you'll still be on the bottom)

The Great Pyramid can potentially be any human being’s grave or memorial site. As monumental as it is affordable, it serves those of all nationalities and religions. Individuals who are either unwilling or unable to have their physical remains buried there can also opt to have a memorial stone placed instead. Stones can be custom designed with any number of colors, images, or relief decorations. The Great Pyramid will continue to grow with every stone placed, eventually forming the largest structure in the history of man. Outlasting personal physical existence is something that the Egyptian pyramids could promise only a few, but this pyramid is open to every individual. Rather than hastily burying one another or allowing our ashes to be scattered, as a small stone in the pyramid we can remain part of our species’ constantly shifting and ever-expanding tableau. [More]
Just another one of those "if-every-Chinese-would-eat-a-Big-Mac-every-month" schemes. Somehow the sheer size of 6+ BILLION people confuses us into thinking we can actually persuade more than twenty or thirty to do anything. If this thing gets larger than a Iowa gym, I'll be surprised.

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Brian said...

Try this one first if you want to stay with the family.