Friday, September 07, 2007

The engineering is convincing as well...

After a lifetime of familiar and well-deserved complaints from the person who cleans our bathroom (hint: not me), I persistently return to the obvious optimal solution: a urinal. I am not alone.
My contractor, obviously, thought this was the best idea anyone had ever come up with, and immediately went shopping with me for a classy, retro porcelain model, the kind you can saunter up to in a tux and slap a highball on. But then my neighbor, Holly Purcell, a very successful real estate broker, informed me that I absolutely could not install a urinal of any kind if I ever hoped to resell my house. Noting my confusion, she slowly explained that urinals, to my shock, gross women out. [More]
Joel Stein is foremost a humor writer, but his analysis of this situation borders on insightful, probably because it matches my thinking so closely.

America, at this crucial period in history needs more problems-solving creativity like this, and a lot more support from the mavens of interior design for utilitarian solutions.


rhoads said...

I can understand your neighbor's problem with the urinal. It would probably be really tricky for a woman.

Brian said...

For the male headcount around there you should put in the Men's Room, and for the female attendance the Lady's Room, don't forget the b'day!