Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just eyeball it...

How good is your visual estimating?  Farmers are convinced they can guesstimate about anything, so take the test.

My score: 3.79

[via info nation]


buffalobill said...

It appears that you Can guesstimate about anything what is your guesstimation of when this Mess that we/this country has become mired in will be over??? Perhaps in the next 100 years??? Or never? Maybe never???

Anonymous said...

I know this comment isn't related to your post but I don't know of any other way of contacting someone that actually reads the mail.

I have sent a note several weeks ago to but received no reply.

Perhaps it is my station only but the sound levels on the US Farm Report tv show are very poor. In fact the poorest of any show that we watch. Volume fluctuates between 25% and 50% of what other shows do. (maybe it is related to this post - estimating, a fun experiment by the way.) One constantly needs to adjust the volume to either hear or not get blown out. Be ready to mute the volume when the commercials happen as they are easily twice the volume.

I receive the broadcast via Dish Network which distributes your show via KHGI. Maybe it is my station only.

John Phipps said...


I am sorry for your problem contacting us. I have forwarded your message to people who know about this stuff.

Meanwhile, thanks for reading and feel free to contact me directly at


I will post on my predictions soon and you may be surprised at the relatively optimistic tone. to be sure we will all be changed, but I think in some very good ways.

buffalobill said...

John, I too think that the change we are undergoing is not All Bad. I have been saying for years that sooner or later the piper must be paid. And that is not necessarily a bad thing, and could be a good thing perhaps. Looking forward to your remarks... BuffaloBill

Ol James said...

You da Man Mr. John..I got a 13.43 the first time and a 7.36 the second. Those them slanted rectangles always looked lop-sided to me anyway.
It may be anonymous's local station. I get USFR on Dish network from WJSU and the volume is perty good.
Now if only there was a button on the remote to mute the wife...