Friday, October 24, 2008

Well, ecuuuuuse me!....

It seems I have been Americanizing a vegetable name.  This news flash from the California Farm Bureau set me straight.
Endive farmers prepare for peak season
All of the endive (pronounced ON-DEEV) grown in the United States is raised in Rio Vista. The vegetable grows on a chicory root in the dark inside the California Vegetable Specialties building. While it is available year-round in white and red varieties, peak demand is during the approaching holiday season. The founder of the endive company suggests that consumers buy the white variety when white, as it turns green after being on the shelf too long. Endive is a nutritious vegetable with large amounts of potassium.
I like it with ketchup and pickles.

I suppose we need to have the poinsettia argument again.

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buffalobill said...

So would that be a French vegetable? Do you eat them french fried? Do white endive (ooon-Deev) taste better than red ones? or green ones? Would one be a parasite? Oh my the questions that post brings to mind! Is it a cash crop? How many endive farmers are there in Good Ol CA? Perhaps there should be many updates on this post. It would keep us from agonizing over the economy!