Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Great finishes...

I have admired the work and artistry of Placido Domingo over all the tenors I have heard, including Pavarotti.  Now at 69, he is extending his career as a baritone - and apparently successfully.
And does Domingo ever die! He doesn’t just gradually sink to the floor holding on to the sturdy soprano to cushion his fall. He pitches headlong toward the prompter’s box (from which helpful whispers emanated all night long).
It was a thrilling end to an unusual evening.
Having made his debut as a tenor in 1968 at the Met, Domingo now made a second debut as a baritone in the same week he celebrated his 69th birthday. His mental and physical fitness are amazing; his technique and energy, simply beyond compare. (In between shows, he’s also conducting another mid-tier Verdi piece, “Stiffelio.”)
Burnished Sound
That burnished sound of his filled Simone’s often wistful music without seeming underpowered in the middle range. When in the last scene Domingo sang of the sea and remembered his great deeds, so did we. [More]

I am wavering between the model of a graceful, timely exit from the professional scene and seeing how long I can contribute anything worthwhile. Examples like Placido Domingo make the latter look appealing.

After all, 69 isn't that far away.

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