Thursday, January 07, 2010

Makes me proud to be a grandpa...

OK, I'll admit it - Jan and I are flat out having too much fun playing in the rain here in Puerto Rico with the guests of Pioneer for me to post much.

However, this is a great dinner table story to pass along.

It's late into harvest and Grandpa (80+) is helping his his sons to finish. He leaves home for the field about 6 pm.  When the sons wrap up for the night, hours later, Grandpa is unaccounted for.  Consternation ensues.

Fields and sheds are searched.  His cell phone is called repeatedly.  The routes he might have taken are retraced several times.

Finally the sheriff is called and an official search begins.

Anxious family members call frantically back and forth as the drama plays out.

About 11 pm. Grandpa shows up at home, more than slightly surprised by the ruckus.  All is revealed.

It seems G had decided - on the spur of the moment - to attend a remedial driving course surreptitiously to avoid have a recent red-light infraction show up on his driving record and start his children wondering about his ability to drive. (During which he thoughtfully shut off his cell phone)

(It gets better.)

Who should also be sneaking into the 4 hour lecture-punishment but his own grandson who  - for remarkably similar reasons was attending the same course.

That's a bonding moment, folks.

(For once I'm not making this up.)


Jim said...

Hah! Nice one. I see you're coming back to the frozen north next week to the Wisconsin Crop Production Conference. Looking forward to hearing you speak.

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting through TSA!!! You might be a bomber!!!