Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm being oppressed...

I did not realize how the Plight of Men has worsened lately. Luckily they just held a conference to debate this very topic and here is a deeply serious account:
Indeed, it's no longer so easy to be male. If you're a frog, this is literally true—modern environmental toxins can actually turn you into a female. If you're a human, they've merely halved your sperm count since the 1940s and zapped 15 percent of your testosterone since the 1980s. Also, you've never been less employable, both absolutely and relative to women, and you now account for just 42 percent of college students, and falling. (Campus gender ratios may be a small boon for undergraduate men, but they're a giant economic impediment for menkind.) [The best 8 minutes you'll waste today]
All seriousness aside, the college ratios do make you wonder.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't you just post about the education bubble? Perhaps we men have figured this out before the kinder and gentler half. As for the testosterone yikes.