Thursday, August 04, 2011

Coveted product endorsement...  

Ya can't buy these, ya know.

I hereby award the coveted, albeit completely unknown "Double E" [Exceeds Expectations] rating to:

The Bosch Evolution 500 Dishwasher

We go through dishwashers about every 10-12 years, thanks to hard water and unwillingness to tolerate or try to fix sporadic leaks. This time we had one goal: get one we can have a conversation over in the kitchen.

This sucker is quiet. I mean, as in, "Is it on?"  Even the drain gurgling into the disposer is a series of brief low-pressure spurts, rather than 15 seconds of whining and gargling.

I know it's expensive. But if you are finally willing to invest in something you use daily as much as something you use once a year (combine software upgrade, for example), this is one great choice.

That said, the installer at Best Buy was totally useless. Sometime, I guess the plumbing codes have changed and front supply of water is verboten. He told Jan he could not reroute the hot water supply because it required drilling a hole in the floor. It took me about a half-hour to do the job. (I was was gone that week and Jan didn't want to wait. But she did.)

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