Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekend Update...  

Just can't get much posting done. This may sound lame, but part of the problem is my iPad. There is no good app for posting on it, and even the ones I've tried don't do links very well.

But the truth is between meetings (see at right) and the show (USFR), I just run out of time and ambition. Plus I think a little time off would not be amiss.

So my spare time at home will be spent working on my GSS, getting ready for a harvest approaching at warp speed (nope - no rain to date, and I think the fat lady has sung on the corn anyhoo).

Yield checks were dismaying, but at least we don't have any corn-on-corn (Yikes!!).

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

John,, what are your yield expectations? Here in SW Ontario crops are little late but exceptional.Only thing growing as good as crops are new greenhouses for tomato,pepper and cucumbers-regards-kevin

Anonymous said...

would agree totally on the COC comment. we have walked alot of fields last few days and think many will be surprised when the combine pulls in. miss the frequency of the posts but dont skip the time off. also understand the love of the pad!
keep in touch with all
steve h

John Phipps said...

Kevin, Steve:

I'm reluctant to try to give a yield, but what we have are very few ears longer than 32-33. Rows seem OK and pollination was good, but the kernels are shallow. I'm plugging in 15 bpa below trendline or about 165-170 top end. To be fair, we don't have drowned out spots this year and population is nearly perfect. The earlier hybrids seem the best, FWIW.

As I mentioned, COC for my friends in places like Champaign Co. is running 100-120, best guess.

I've got a bad feeling about COC and what could be new weather patterns. The couple of years of great COC yields may have been a fluke due to ideal conditions.