Monday, August 01, 2011

Meanwhile, back at the desk...  

I installed Mac Lion this morning, with all the high drama an OS entails.  So far it is going fine, but the indexing will keep it running slow for a few hours. I'll try to give you a review once I have used it some.

This month is also the month I sold my soul to Cargill.  We have 2-3 meetings a week all month. I'll post the dates/locations.

Greenhouse was delivered today (as I was leaving) so another project for the immediate future.

We got a little rain (missed some great rains) but are no worse than last year. Really tired of hot weather and especially hot nights.

I'll try to read about the debt deal and cogitate on the road what it might mean for ag.

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Anonymous said...

Red tractors and Mac operating systems!! Oh please tell me it isn't so, please.