Sunday, September 04, 2011

In case you had given up...  

I'm still blogging, but shut down following the last week of ProPricing and all our family coming home for Labor Day. We're using this event to get the greenhouse on the GSS.

Some random observations over the last few days.
  • I see more and more examples of business decisions driven by climate change. From the carbon footprint analysis for pork producers to the curious Chinese Icelandic "resort" that could be related to post-ice trans-arctic trade. It is influences like these, from competitors to customers that will shift many opinions.
  • Not to mention current weather trends.
  • I still think acreage for corn will be heavily affected by corn-on-corn performance (or lack) in much of the eastern Cornbelt. What if those years of just-as-good yields were the exceptions due to remarkably good weather? And the possible single-Bt failure is equally ominous.
  • Which leads me to think seed corn pricing could be a debacle, between trait value questions, another "Liberty-like" blunder, and seed supply problems.
  • Our corn is surprisingly wet - like 26%. I had assumed it had given up weeks ago, but apparently not. I am still not optimistic about yields, but our plan to start early (Tuesday) is on hold until we can get more than ear samples. BTW, the slight tendency is for NASS to overestimate the yield.
  • I can't get my mind around the concept of an early frost. Especially after this weekend.
Thanks for your patience.

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