Monday, September 12, 2011

Wait - he was a cheerleader???...  

Rick Perry has done little to attract my admiration. But I may be giving him too much credit.
State and federal taxpayers financed his college education at Texas A&M, even giving him the extracurricular opportunity to be a cheerleader. Upon graduation, he spent four years on the federal payroll as an Air Force transport pilot who never did any combat duty.

Then, in 1984, Perry hit the mother lode of government pay by moving into elected office -- squatting there for 27 years and counting. In addition to getting regular paychecks from taxpayers for nearly three decades as a state representative, agriculture commissioner, lieutenant governor and governor, he also receives platinum-level health care coverage and a generous pension from the state, plus $10,000 a month for renting a luxury suburban home, a covey of political and personal aides and even a publicly paid subscription to Food & Wine magazine. [More]
This Bozo could well walk away with the nomination, as it stands today. And I will watch with interest as the only governor to request an ethanol waiver gets corn farmers to vote for him by not being Obama.

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