Sunday, September 11, 2011


As I spend almost all available time in my new workshop getting the power and water systems running and moving tools, etc., I have found I feel less guilty about posting. As if I had the time anyway.

I think Jan and I may be moving to another phase of our lives, and I'm finally letting go of a lot of the pressures to speak and write above and beyond my FJ obligations. I having more time to farm and already have my growing list of projects (furniture, mostly) for family members.

I'll probably post more this winter, as I am not speaking nearly as much. But I frankly don't know what my goals for Incoming are.

I'm keeping it open, and may surprise you and me both.

As always, thanks for reading. See you whenever...


Anonymous said...

John with moving on too the next phase it may have something to do with the aging process,,seeing more friends names in obituaries column ,satisfaction with being able too accomplish and get some live goals done and maybe shortening that "bucket" list.When all this excitement in the grains subsides I wonder how they will adjust too a different scenario as in the 80's many guys that where tigers in the 70's found it hard and depressing too handle the new financial restraints of that era. We hope you at least keep us updated on your farm activities and especially new crop 2011 yields.regards-kevin

Anonymous said...


Somewhere it is written..."all things do in moderation".
I hope that's the answer for you because I'd hate to lose access to your online thoughts.
Best to you & yours
Tony M