Monday, December 19, 2011

Better and better...  

After Herculean effort, my ISP guy (a young farmer/engineer neighbor) has fired up a REAL Internet connection.  I use to measure speed and I've been hitting 13+ Meg (down) and nearly 1M up.

However, something screwy is going on with my Mac and Airport router.  I have to restart several times, swap cords, reconfigure, sacrifice a chicken, and I still don't know what happens. I have to get that squared away and write the Christmas letter today.

I'll try to post some stuff before I drop off for no good reason.

(I'll bet I need a new 27" iMac, don't you?)


Bob said...

John. I ran a cat 5 cable to my ancient 25" i-Mac to solve wireless connection problems. Perhaps you "need" Apple's 30" monitor? Older eyes and all.

From Virginia said...

We have had similar issues with our Mac , Airport router and wireless connections. Particularly annoying for I-Tunes.