Friday, December 02, 2011

A squirrel ate my Internet...  

This could become Numero Uno in my Timeless Excuses List™. I was getting intermittent signals from my WAN radio and it finally gave up altogether this week after over 4" of rain* last week.

The coax cable was leaking water from outside into the power port.  A squirrel (my guess) chewed the insulation off up by the receiver. 

I just can't take the fuss of posting from the iPad so I went dark, and surfing was so slow I fooled around getting the floor finished in the new woodshop. We're back to a full 5 Megs without periodic hangs to boot, so life is good. I"ll try to get some stuff up this weekend.

*November is now my wettest month at 8.1". Go figure.

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