Saturday, December 03, 2011

One more reason...  

Why I would have died a flaming death in corporate America: marketing campaigns. I try to imagine having a meeting with these people.
Below are some highlights. Warning: We are about to enter the strange arena of marketing, where fictional worlds are conjured up out of whole cloth for the sole purpose of moving goods.
From what I can tell, the intention expressed here is to brush up the image of Hillshire Farm and roll out two new premium brands: "Smith & Smith Fine Meats" and "Flat Iron Ranch." The campaign is "foundational," the one slide declares, "and demonstrates how the new, purposeful Sara Lee will manifest: Modern. Authentic. Simple."

Seriously, if you can't sense a wind change in the meat industry from this, what will it take? It looks to me you're going to have to be able to fake "sustainability" and "humane production" at the very least.


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Anonymous said...


That train left a long time ago. We're not forgetting the way ethanol could save us from foreign oil dependence and help fight terrorism are we? Looks like the Sara Lee folks are just taking a page from that book. To me a similar focus as your other posts on Republicans...fake it till you make it!