Monday, January 02, 2012

15 Minutes of Fame Winter...  

My snow shovel is rusting out this "winter". This is surprising because it's plastic. But it doesn't look like I'll need it soon.

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Accuweather is the longest range forecast I check routinely along with Intellicast, and NWS. The last is fun because we are only 2 miles from IN, and the forecast for Dana, IN next door can often be remarkably different.

Meanwhile we ponder how much we want to tear up our lane hauling corn on unfrozen gravel.

On a side note, I asked some friends if a really warm March, which produced warm, dry soils by say, the 20th would induce them to put seeds in the ground. This would be about 10 days earlier than most of us have traditionally felt comfortable with. All said yes, since their earliest corn had been by far the best the last 4-5 years.

At least one part of our brains are coping with climate change, it seems. Maybe that's the way it will work out - we'll make adaptations all the time we proclaim AGW to be nonsense.

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