Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Phipps Grain Bin Rally...  

Oh yeah, I'm officially taking credit for this corn rally. The Argentines arranged their drought just to have one last cheap shot at me.

As I have mentioned before (at least in speeches) I have built two of the world's most expensive free grain bins under the Cargill Grain Bin Program. This year I thought I was home free.  My target price was $6.34 on the first trading close in February. If Mar corn closes below that, my 41,000 bushels no longer have to be delivered.

Once - just one - I thought I was going to win one. (This is third and final year of the contract) If we coulda just stayed below the trigger AND THEN HAD A BIG RALLY, I could have matched a friend of mine whose bin experience was just that: his trigger was a half-cent higher than the close, and he went on to sell the contents for zillions. He mentions it often...

So as we motor to $7 please wave to me in the rearview mirror.

[Just in case you are new or confused, this is all very tongue-in-cheek. I would never have built the bins without the program, they have already paid for themselves, and railing at higher markets because you voluntarily sold earlier is nonsense.]

It just doesn't feel like a win.

If only NASS could issue a report between now and then...


Anonymous said...

I have the worlds most expensive bin!
Will not post prices but Marcus reminds me often!
I do have a few beefs with Cargill but there was no gun to head involved--

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this! I've been trying to learn about the grain bins in Ohio, and this really helped! Thanks again.