Sunday, July 29, 2012

Worst book covers...  

My favorite:


And along with the commentator below, I too use my Kindle (on iPad) to read stuff which would likely have an embarrassing cover.  Such as "Return to the Planet of Sorority Babes" and other meaningful space operas.
Why the surge in digital demand? Privacy is one explanation. Erotic titles with racy covers are believed to sell better as e-books because the technology removes the embarrassment of toting them around in public – and the same may be true of spiritual titles, experts say. Book jackets covered in angels and rainbows may be equally uncomfortable for some people to read in public, says Mark Coker, founder of, a publisher of self-published e-books. “These books can be sampled, purchased and read without the judgmental eyes of a clerk at the cash register, or colleagues who might glance at the cover.” Plus, digital bibles and sex trilogies are only as heavy as your Kindle Fire, he says. [More]
What if this leads to a lot more reading of a lot more dubious literature?  Good new? Bad news?


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