Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fire sale on SUV's...

Is your gas-guzzling SUV draining your discretionary cash? You are not alone. Seems like many people are looking for a way out of their 700-month lease on a Ford Explosion.

The responsible solution would be to advertise the car for sale, pay off the loan and switch to a more affordable ride (even leased cars can be bought and then sold to get out of high payments). The irresponsible solution some people choose is to burn the vehicle and let the insurance company pay what is owed.

Could we call this "carson"?

Vehicle arson has had a long and occasionally humorous track record over the years. In Texas, a car salesman was arrested after offering his customers what he called a "rotisserie program." He would have their cars torched; then, after they collected on the insurance, he sold them a new car. In another part of the state, two students were arrested after they torched their high school teacher's car in exchange for passing grades.

What is it with Texans?

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