Thursday, June 15, 2006

Required Bird Flu posting...

Just because it's petered out as a pandemic doesn't mean I don't really, really care about bird flu. In fact, here is how you can use that free T-shirt from the herbicide company to save your life:

Such a mask is a poor defence against influenza, except perhaps when used by trained health care workers, Dato said in a telephone interview.

"If it's really needed, you actually have the mask on and you are next to somebody who has influenza, then that mask is catching influenza droplets. So then when you are done with it, it is really contaminated," she said.

"It has to be appropriately washed, cleaned maybe with some bleach. It is somewhat like a dirty diaper (but) at least a dirty diaper that has poop in it, you can see that it is contaminated and you don't put it in your pocketbook."

OK, maybe not the best simile, but you get the idea

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