Thursday, June 29, 2006

Welcome to the New, Higher-Fiber John's World

I thought we were switching to the new format tonight, so there are currently some holes to plug. Meanwhile, behold a cleaner, easier to use John's World.

Some notes:

  • It will take me a few weeks to backload all the archives, BUT you will be able to search them easily to find a link or commentary.
  • Each item is archived separately, rather than a whole day's post.
  • I will probably post single comments more often.
  • Please feel free to send in your comments. Since your remarks will post "live" here are some rules:
  1. No profanity. None.
  2. No flaming other folks who post. If you can't criticize with civility your posts will be edited.
  3. I will try to answer your questions or reply to your points as soon as possible.

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