Thursday, June 01, 2006

Notes from the blogger....

  • I use two fingers to type. Like many guys my age nobody told us we'd be spending much of our adult life at a keyboard. Before you crack wise, just think how much stuff I could turn out if I could type with all my digits! I like to think of it as having 8 installed spares. Looking at farmer hands around any board table, and it seems like a good idea for our profession.
  • Here are words I frequently get wrong and the spellchecker won't catch:
    • "form" instead of "from"
    • "that" instead of "than"
    • an/and
    • it's/its
  • I often edit and read over the same mistake every time. Feel free to howl at my mistakes. That's what happens when you work without a net/editor.
Thanks for reading my owrk!!

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