Thursday, June 15, 2006

Oh yeah, well I'm 300 percent against it!...

One of the things the French are best at is cooking. Another is arguing. Right now they are getting a double work-out.

It seems some chefs are "cheating":

Science fiction? No, this is the reality in many French restaurants, which are “cheating” their customers with a growing range of artificial products, according to gastronomic purists. They say that the use of flavourings to enhance the taste of otherwise ordinary dishes is misleading because they are rarely mentioned on the menu.

Mostly it has to do with truffles - a kinda mushroom that has gotten way expensive.

Anyhoo, the experts are not amused.

M Robuchon, widely considered to be one of the most talented chefs of the past 20 years, agreed. He said: “I am 200 per cent against the use of artificial flavours and additives.” However, such flavours appear to be an increasingly common ingredient in French cuisine, with chefs looking for quick, cheap recipes.

Looks like French math scores aren't improving either.

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