Sunday, February 04, 2007

Blogs, TV, video, politics, and tomorrow...

Andrew Sullivan has sobering and perhaps prophetic words about what is happening to public communication.
Citizen journalism is one thing. Citizen television is another. It brings the revolutionary potential of the blogosphere to the explosive power of the visual image. One day we will become accustomed to it, able to discount the inevitable distortions it will bring. But not yet — and one can safely predict that at some point in the wide-open race for the American presidency in 2008 at least one candidate will be destroyed by video-blogs and one may be handed a victory. Every gaffe will matter much more; and every triumph can echo for much longer.

With all of 18 months in the television industry, and only a little less as a blogger, I can sense the communication sea change only faintly. I can still hide back here on the farm when the tsunami rolls in.

For all of my friends who are involved in either TV or politics, this must be unnerving.

Or exhilarating.


rhoads said...

John, I'm sorry that this doesn't have anything do do with the post but do you happen to know how the Colts and Bears game came out last night? My wife wouldn't let me watch it. Before you make some comment about wimps, let me stress; you don't know my wife.

John Phipps said...

rhoads: It's a little scary that you are getting sports news from me. The Bears lost 29-17. Check or for excruciating detail.