Saturday, February 17, 2007

The blue screen of death...

I can't believe it. just when Jan and I had whipped Vista into some semblance of working order, IT STRIKES BACK!

To be fair it was my own fault. I tried to add a new wireless keyboard, and Vista warned me it may not be compatible. But I thought what the heck - if it doesn't work I'll just plug in the old one and uninstall it.

Wrong! Instead, I could not input at all once Windows started to load - no mouse or keyboard. The only fix (Tech support for Dell did not even answer chat, let alone phone) was to reload Vista.

And my programs.

And try to find my data.

Enough moaning. Just a piece of advice re: Vista:

RUN!!! RUN!!!

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Barton Ruth said...

John, John, John,

You should have taken the opportunity presented by your desire to upgrade and walked away from the dark side. You could now be enjoying a sleek, stylish, and infinitely more user friendly macbook. Did I mention trouble free? As a dedicated mac user who never succumbed to the lure of the Windows world, I can say without qualification that my latest laptop is the best ever.