Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's all about us...

It's been a few minutes since we discussed Baby Boomers, and so many us are feeling anxious. As the most over-studied and under-ignored cohort in history starts it shuffle off this mortal coil, we want attention to be paid. And we want to discuss amongst ourselves constantly as well.

We'll probably get it, because we've got most of the loot. One the top advertising firms in the US - JWT - has sliced and diced Boomers into handy categories to predict how they are going to spend their share of the wealth. If you like those colorized personality tests, you're gonna love this one. The categories:
  • Low energy loners
  • Status seekers
  • Woeful worriers
  • Modern moralists
  • Intense individualists
  • Educated aficionados
  • Happy helpers
  • Aloof affluents
  • Anxious achievers
None sound all that attractive - save one: Happy Helpers.

Maybe they are on to something.

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