Saturday, February 24, 2007

What if Big Food gets it right?....

By now we all know that our food industry is dominated by horrifying behemoth polluting uncaring corporate faceless dehumanizing, ah..somethings. But what if they change?

It could too happen:
But many quality restaurants, like Tree Room, use Sysco responsibly—shying away from pre-made items they can disguise as their own. Bardia Ferdowski of Bardia's New Orleans CafĂ© in Washington, D.C., purchases only raw and unprocessed Sysco products such as flour, potatoes, and beef, and receives frequent deliveries so that ingredients are as fresh as possible. For its part, Sysco has also been upping the quality of some of its offerings. It now distributes more locally grown meats and produce, and teams up with companies like artisanal cheesemonger Murray's to deliver specialty foods. Chef Tom Hosack of Hudson's at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, Wash., for instance, buys most of his greens through Sysco, and they're almost all regionally grown. [More]

Our lack of faith in the market to send appropriate signals up and down the chain is discouraging. Even as we wring our hands, I'll bet CEO wannabe's are scheming to push those evil organizations to capture the value now grasped tenuously by local/organic/natural niche marketers (and make their careers in the process - of course)

Who will we despise if they convert? Can you be Big and Good? Is virtue impossible on a large scale?

If so, shouldn't we rethink government?

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