Thursday, December 18, 2008

The gateway candy...

"Medicinal wine from a teaspoon - then beer from a bottle."

Prof. Hill was on to something.  Thanks to important research we now have identified truffles as a gateway candy.  One you've tasted one, you want more.
Indulging in just one small chocolate truffle can induce cravings for more sugary and fatty foods—and even awaken a desire for high-end status products, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research.

When participants were allowed eat a truffle, they unconsciously activated a goal of indulgence, the authors explain. Likewise, those who were asked to resist the treat activated health goals. Once people felt their goals were met, they tended to reverse their behaviors. For example, when people who resisted the truffle were told they did a good job, they indicated that they desired fatty foods more than healthy foods.
"Once people feel like they have achieved a certain goal, they tend to pursue the opposing goal. When asked about their behaviors, no participant related their desires to the initial chocolate consumption, indicating the operation of a non-conscious system that guides people's behaviors," write the authors.
Interestingly, truffles served as triggers for more expensive indulgences as well. "A second study again had people eat or resist a chocolate truffle and asked them to indicate how much they desired several products that are symbols of status (a nice shirt, an Apple computer, a fine watch). People who ate the truffle desired the status products significantly more than those who had to resist the truffle," the authors write.
The researchers believe this new study has important implications for both marketers and consumers. Stores may want to use samples as way to motivate consumers. And consumers may want to resist small acts of indulgence, knowing they can lead to larger ones. [More]
This is shocking news for me personally.  I am married (to virtually all my friends' astonishment) to a woman who allows herself one truffle a week. On Tuesday night.  Not that we're overly organized, mind you.

Obviously, this sad practice and the ensuing moral collapse have contributed to her low station in life and her overindulgence in stuff like expensive cookware and fancy garden tools.

Worse still, I'm her low-life, truffle-pushing supplier.

Works for me.


Anonymous said...

Works for me, too!


Ol James said...

Guess I have lower expectations..
Give me a Hershey bar, Milky Way, Three Musketeer,Almond Joy...who am I kiddin..if it's milk chocolate I'll most likely eat it.
Little Debbie's are a whole nudder categorie...
Best time to ask the wife something is after they are halfway thru something chocolate. Something in it causes the brain in females to freeze up.....temporarily. So, act quick!!

Anonymous said...

John , like Jan's comment right to the point....must be something about chocolate as 3 feed suppliers dropped off big boxes of chocolate (one guy even had flowers for the wifes,,now that isn't going to make life any easier in the future for us guys) and Lankota last year sent the biggest hershey chocolate pyramid I ever saw by courier and they stuck there ups label over suppliers name so it took awhile too figure out who sent nobody wants too work as they are looking for the UPS guy -merry christmas-kevin