Tuesday, December 02, 2008

They shoot speakers, don't they?...

Today I had the particular pleasure of speaking to the ND Commodity meeting in Bismarck.  Lord knows, I barely got here.  But the discussion and surprising news were well worth it.

Except for one thing.  Our four-year old grandson has become an agent of a biological warfare laboratory: preschool.  He has suffered and shared several viruses and maladies over the past few months, and so when I began to speak this morning I knew my throat was doomed.

I was right. 

Still things from other speakers that made me take notice.
  • The US used less electrical power in the last year than the year before - for the first time in history.  Don't tell me there is no demand curve.
  • Fertilizer prices have broken hard here at least.  MAP ~ $600; NH3 ~$600; urea down even more (proportionally)  - I can't remember the number.  No words on K.  Don't tell me there is no demand curve.
  • The Bakken oil field will change ND forever, and it's just now beginning to be seen.
 Finally, this nugget: fat people now outnumber the starving.  Yay?

Man, I'm going to bed.  I speak at the IA FB meeting on Thursday.

I hope.


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John,,you do realize you are now 60,,*BS* .....love your blogs,,funny as we approach retirement (maybe some day) we find out just how much we still need or have too learn,,farming ,as life is always been a struggle and i expect it too continue as our nature is when we get "comfortable" we have a natural urge too buy something ,,a few years ago we where out of debt and that was so strange we just had to expAND...good luck with the throat-regards-kevin