Thursday, December 25, 2008

At least I made one...

Good decision in 2008:  I ran as fast as I could from Windows Vista.

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) in the past week announced yet another life extension for its supposedly retired Windows XP operating system, a sign that, despite almost two years on the market, Windows Vista is a no-go for most businesses. Only 10% of 700 business executives recently surveyed by the Information Technology Industry Council and Sunbelt Software said their companies are using Windows Vista in the enterprise. [More]
Now a year into my affair with Apple iMacs, I am pleased by the reliability and performance. Although upgrades can be challenging for satellite users like me, and while some have their own unique hangups, our Macs have been nearly bulletproof.

I have navigated the re-learning process and as a result, am faintly startled by how unintuitive Windows now seems to me. The two major programs I use (QuickBooks and Office) have been updated for the Mac this year to their enormous benefit.

I just remembered - I did have a failure of the motherboard, and for once I had bought the extended warranty.  The repair was close, fast and effective.  And I paid for the Applecare immediately.

All in all, a happy camper.

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