Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gad, I love this business...

Even if it makes no economic sense.

The world of blogging is slowly becoming a factor in the information industry. Two illustrations that lead me to this weird conclusion.

First, look at how the Ultimate Newspaper  - the New York Times - is experimenting with the Internet. Totally cool.  I can't imagine I would read a "people piece" of this length, but I was fascinated by the first person voice and photos.

MSM is struggling to adapt to a world where editors and publishers have lost control and people are voting with their mice. This type of work is evidence somebody is thinking ahead.

Second, please take the time to listen to this amazing talk by Dan Gilbert on TED.  Imagine how impossible this entire effort would be without the Internet, and then imagine how you would have found out about it without blogs.  My source, f'rinstance was Andrew Sullivan.

Bottom line: being here now and doing what I do is a privilege. Thanks to all of you who read my work, and I hope you feel the same frisson as you share my excitement in participating in the evolution of communication.

Information is power. And this power will, I believe lift our civilization from our current problems.

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