Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Before GPS...

There were lighthouses.



Ron E. said...

Hi John,

You probably didn't know you had a fan out amongst the lighthouses. I used to be a Nebraska farmer. In retirement, I'm captain of S/V Wight Skye, currently in Clark's Court Bay, Grenada, West Indies. How well, though, I remember the thrill a few years ago while sailing north off Cape Hatteras, to see the great Hatteras Light. Later, another thrill was seeing Throg's Neck Light on my way into New York City and Ambrose Light on my way out. For the past three years, I've been in the Caribbean Sea and these poor island hardly have any aids to navigation let alone great old lighthouses.

By the way, in Grenada, the major crops are nutmeg and cocoa, not corn and soybeans.

John Phipps said...


Yours is the COMMENT OF THE MONTH. If I had Incoming tee shirts I would send you one.

Grenada - how exotic is that, dude? I'm blown away. How did a NE farmer wind up there?

Send me your story and I'll slap it up!

Thanks for reading.

And fair winds, mate.

Derek said...

Instead of "Incoming" tee-shirts, how 'bout rain gauges with a larger capacity to handle the tremendous rainfall events we are now getting as the climate changes? We had 5" overnight with some areas getting more than 7". My gauge loses accuracy pretty fast once you get over 2". But I guess 2" used to be a huge rainfall event!

Anonymous said...

Agreed 7-8 inches in southern Iowa. The weather has changed