Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't pay the ransom...

I've been tied up at a meeting in Minneapolis for Cargill this week.  Not literally, of course, but really busy, so no posting.

Yesterday I was sitting with all the most of the marketing brainpower and at the morning break looked at my phone, saw the prices and asked what the heck was up with corn.  I was reassured to not be the only one darn surprised.

These are not going to be dull marketing times ahead, methinks.

Learned some neat stuff - more anon.

Thanks for your patience.


Anonymous said...

getting paid for your slant on tv?

John Phipps said...


I suppose you could see it that way, but it wouldn't make much sense. My opinions (slant) have been pretty much the same before, so why pay for it? Remember Cargill is owned by a family of Scotch ancestry.

Actually, I got paid for getting people to sit down and pay attention early in the morning, help nervous panel members get through a round table discussion and, tell the occasional funny story to wake up the guys in the back, introduce very highly paid speakers, and keep a long meeting day on time (approximately).

I do this sort of stuff for all kinds of ag groups, many of whom compete/disagree with each other. Looking at the the numbers my speaking income would be roughly self-cancelling as far as influence goes, if that were the basis for my opinions.

Watching other presenters, you could be right. Maybe I could make more if my beliefs were for sale.

Anonymous said...

John I think your worth every dime I pay you! LOL.
Keep up the good work may not always agree but appreciate your stimulating thoughts. JR

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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