Tuesday, November 09, 2010

At least there's more humidity...

I'm at the Elite Producer Business Conference in Las Vegas right now, so I'll post my reactions to what I hear the dairy industry saying.

But the report this morning was no comfort for feed users.

I keep going back all the times I heard speakers from seed, fertilizer and grain merchandising tell me "You guys can't grow a bad crop anymore".

Well, we showed them, didn't we!

Long time readers know my feelings about this, but our best strategy in east central IL is to devote resources to battle climate changes, IMHO.  One example is the oft-derided rush to buy new steel. If we're going where I think we're going, our windows for fieldwork will be either very long or very short. See 2008, 2009, 2010 for examples.

Maybe farmers aren't simply drooling over shiny toys.  Maybe we're not unreasonably stocking up on capacity we need to cover acres during the "blitzkrieg" seasons.

In fact maybe we're shifting to digital agriculture in some areas: 1 or 0; on or off. 

That's my thinking now, anyhoo.

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