Thursday, November 11, 2010

I wept like a girl...

Since it would appear 1 November is the start of the season, this wonderful start to my and I hope your Christmas time.

I hope I never lose my vulnerability to great music to overwhelm me by surprise.

BTW:  Given the acoustics and scattered nature of the singers, this was no small accomplishment.

[Thanks, Brian]


notilltom said...

ditto on the comment about the scattered placement of singers.... real pro's to stay tune in that environment

Tim said...

Some background info on the building and that amazing organ.'s

Wanamaker's Center City store was famous for its annual Christmas display. Sadly we have come desensitized and it no longer competes with the jumbotrons and high-tech computer animated graphics we are exposed to on an almost daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Like the flash mob dance in the Antwerp train station and so many of other flash mob performances that are on You Tube.

Anonymous said...

Simply Awesome... Thank You John

Anonymous said...

That blew me away. Thanks!

Karl M. Hess said...


A suggestion as to why music moves us. Came from my choir director days. I do not know who wrote it.

For the common things of everyday, God gave men speech in the common way.
For the deeper things men think and feel, God gave the poets words to reveal.
But for heights and depths no words can reach,
God gave men music, the soul’s own speech.

I think it is OK to shed a tear when your soul is moved. Thanks for the post. Great start to Advent, even if a little early.(but after all harvest is finished, combine washed and serviced for next year, and can actually take time to enjoy and foster relationships!!) I remember during college singing around the national cathederal in Washington DC accapalla. Pretty moving there as well.

Karl M. Hess