Saturday, January 29, 2011

Consumption ideas...

Worth pondering. [It has nothing to do with her easy-to-look-at-ness]

I have been looking for indications of how we might start rebuilding trust to make our culture and economy work better. Perhaps, as the speaker suggests, it will be by bypassing many of our current institutions with peer-to-peer connections.


Anonymous said...

This may be part of our solution too the "energy crisis"...recent study in Toronto ,On. showed that 40% of food ,be it from institutions,restaurants,homes ,schools,ect. was actually never consumed but wasted-regards-kevin

Anonymous said...

Can you name the things on your farm that you would be willing to rent or buy after someone else had the first use of it? Not asking this as a negative. Just asking what kind of things would qualify for the shared use model.

John Phipps said...


Just off the top of my head:
- two-year old computers, etc. I buy new ones like other guys buy combines.
- slightly obsolete auto-steer stuff
- job specific tools like wide-belt sander
- suits
- construction/excavation equipment for farm use (I'd like to own timeshare Gradall, for instance)

All of this stuff is also rental/craigslist/ebay/goodwill fodder and we do use those, but a better system (or more interest by me) could improve the efficiency.

Your point is well taken - these aren't convincing examples, but maybe it's one of those ideas that we learn how to use once we got it.