Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Unadulterated genius...

I've been enjoying fiddling around in the shop - something I haven't done much of the last few winters. We have also been hauling out from the bins. We only go about 7 miles, so you end up loading several trucks a day.

Which means about you climb out of the cab and up the corner of the bed to see how full the truck is so you can pull it forward just at the optimum time. This happens about 15 times per truckload. (Well, 14.7 was the three truck average.)

So I had a brainstorm. 

Swiping my cheap wireless cameras from the combine and grain cart, I built a tower jig from PVC pipe and some wood that fastens easily to our 10' stepladder.  The camera uses an AC adapter. Height is adjustable, and you can aim the camera after you see what the view is like.

Then the wireless monitors went in the trucks.  Amazingly two different Chinese cheapos picked up the same camera, so in both trucks can see as if you are standing to side up above the bed.

Test run tomorrow.  Please send licensing/tech fees to my home address when you build your own.


Anonymous said...

Check out http://www.loadouttechnologies.com/

John Phipps said...


Oh sure - they have a hot blond, but my system is more "MacGyver"!