Monday, January 17, 2011

To start your week...

A call to greater imagination and faith in ourselves.

For all the "billions" of jokes, Carl Sagan still echoes in my mind as the voice that lifts us to thoughts of a astounding future.

[via sullivan]


Anonymous said...

John, On my boat, I do not have a copy of the bible. However, I do keep a set of the "Cosmos" series, which I watch from time to time, to remind me what's important and how I should interact with others.
Ron Ellermeier, S/V Wight Skye

Tom Wayburn said...

This video has no idea of how long evolution might take to change the human race into a species suitable for colonization of other worlds. Shall we say 100 million years? Much sooner than that we may have been driven to extinction or, more likely, driven ourselves to extinction.

Anonymous said...

John, what I think I like most about you is your appreciation of what the future can hold for our species if we seek to know and do the best. At my birthday party Sunday I asked my children how they felt about the times that they see themselves living in, and they all responded (in different ways) that they are excited to be here now. That amounted to a blessing for me.